INside secrets

What is the secret behind the quality of the VITAL CAMEL MILK?

  1. First, the camel has to be milked under strict hygienic conditions,
    so the milk does not get spoiled by harmful bacteria.
    VITAL CAMEL MILK LTD.® trains its contractors in hygienic milking
    and supports them with equipment to establish a clean milk
    handling from the beginning.

  1. Then in the dairy any raw milk is tested in order to analyse any bacteria or desease. Only the best and cleanest raw milk is accepted.

  1. After that the camel milk is pasteurised (heat treated), bottled and finally cooled at 4C. No preservatives are added to the camel milk.

  1. Milk treated in this way ensures a high quality and a long shelf life.
    VITAL CAMEL MILK LTD.® guarantees a shelf life of 10 days if the milk
    is kept under refrigerated conditions (2 to 5C).