Press releases

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  1. Article about Vital Camel Milk Ltd. in ILRI Publication "Milk Run": East Africa's first private camel milk dairy. The Milk Run, Issue No. 5, July 2006, pp. 2.
    Icon PDFILRI-Milk Run-July-2006.pdf455 kb

  2. Njogo, Stephen and Waithaka, Eliud (2006): First camel milk diary a big hit with farmers. The Leader, Issue No. 36, April 7- April 13, 2006, pp.10-11.
    Icon PDFleader-2006.pdf318 kb

  3. Odhiambo, Zablon (2006): Milking the benefits: Kenya's new camel dairy. New Agriculturist online, April 2006,, 04-14-2006.
    Icon PDFodhiambo-2006.pdf44 kb
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  4. Audio File: Camel milk goes commercial, OneWorld Radio a collaborative work with and AMARC.
    Icon External LinkAudio file on 04-14-2006

  5. Gitonga, Muchiri (2006): Camel milk for breakfast, anyone? Nation Media Group, Sunday Nation, February 19, 2006.
    Icon PDFnation-2006.pdf211 kb

  6. Mugo, Kimemia (2005): The other Milky Way. Oakland Media Services Ltd., Mambo Issue No. 1 Vol. 2, September 2005.
    Icon PDFmambo-2005.pdf430 kb

  7. VITAL CAMEL MILK LTD. (2005): Live vital! Business Mirror, Vol. 8 No.3, September-October 2005.
    Icon PDFbusiness-mirror-2005.pdf 926 kb